Location: Near Westside Neighborhood, Syracuse, NY

Client: Home Headquarters

Completion Date: 2011

LEED Platinum Certified

The TED House was the result of an international design competition sponsored by Syracuse University and a local non-profit developer. The challenge was to design a modestly priced, environmentally thoughtful house on a narrow lot in an urban neighborhood, easily adaptable to other sites in the area, and for a budget of $150,000. Our proposal utilized a compact plan and a high performance envelope to reduce the energy demand by up to 90%. The dimensionally square plan was designed to dimensional lumber sizes to significantly reduce waste.  The simple plan allows for the house to be rotated on various sites to capture the best passive solar orientation and can be easily adapted to grow with a family with minimal interior interventions.  TED was designed to be built as a one off home using local labor, or can be mass produced in a modular factory if desired.