Location: Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA

Client: Crease St. LP

Completion Date: 2014

Crease St Homes is a development comprised of 14 single family townhomes.  The site fronts on Crease St to the east & Day St. to the west.  The homes were set back from the street to create a parking court in the front of each home and allowing for private rear yards behind each home.  Because of this front parking court, one focus of the design was to create an entry and street frontage that mitigates the impact of the car.  A terraced entrance & trellis with planters that extend out to the sidewalk was designed to create a welcoming pedestrian procession to the front door.  To meet the storm water regulations, Pervious paving was used in the parking forecourt and rear yards, and accessible green roofs were incorporated providing a 95% pervious site.  Although the trellis structures were unfortunately not built, the planters & pervious paving manages to break up the parking area and provide a pleasant streetscape.