Location: Philadelphia, PA

Client: Onion Flats

Completion Date: 2020, In Progress

Copper Flats is an 80 residential unit with 8 Artist studios designed to be a PHIUS+ Certified, Net Zero Energy project. The project consists of two nearly identical 4-story structures with 26 covered surface parking stalls at the site interior. The project is designed to be 100% prefabricated, panelized in an off-site factory with MEP incorporated, and delivered to the site in  HALF the time it would take to site- build. A green roof and 120 kW PV canopy tops off both structures and allows tenants to grow their own herbs and vegetables.

The 400sf 1-bed “micro-units” are designed to feel more spacious than the sf belies with translucent glass interior doors and walls between living and bedroom space, and exterior balconies on all units for a more expansive experience. Each apartment is also provided a 60 sf private storage space in the basement as well as ground level interior bicycle storage.