Location: Kensington, Philadelphia, PA

Client: Onion Flats

Completion Date: 2019

The Basement level includes tenant storage, mechanical space, and office space that opens onto the sunken terraced garden.  Street level includes office space and 4 rental units.

Floors 2 - 4 have (8) 450 SF micro 1 bed rental units per floor. The units feature a bathroom door based on Marcel Duchamp’s dual function door at Rue Larrey to save space and enlarge the living and kitchen spaces. Each unit has a Minotair unit to provide ERV, heating, cooling and dehumidification that makes up the decentralized approach to HVAC for the building systems. The Minotair unit is nestled into a closet near the exterior wall and kitchen to maximize efficiency and minimize ducting. Air source heat pump water heaters round out the mechanical strategy for the building and demonstrate the all electric strategy.

Photo Credit: Demetrios Varoumas, Ed Ellenberg