Location: Wilmington, DE

Client: Buccini / Pollin Group

Completion Date: 2008

In 2007 we were approached by Buccini/Pollin to create a “vision” for a nine-block stretch of one of the most historic downtown sections of Wilmington, Delaware. For years our client had been taking creative development and architectural risks on the Christina River port of Wilmington and owned a significant portion of the commercial space downtown. The group was interested in both linking the corporate downtown with the river and inspiring a new generation of urban dwellers to settle in this strangely vacant (at least after 5:00 p.m.) city.  Our client’s bold and comprehensive passion to repopulate the downtown of a significant North American city was both infectious and crazy enough to capture our kindred spirit. While this is very much a project in process, we have initiated a master-planning exercise with a number of objectives: