Location: Philadelphia, PA

Client: PRA / Raise of Hope

Completion Date: 2012

FIRST Certified Passiv Haus in Pennsylvania

The project involves the development, design and construction of three row homes for the Raise of Hope (ROH) organization, a local CDC in Philadelphia. The townhomes were designed to provide affordable housing for very low-income residents and contain four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, one which is accessible on the ground floor. Parking is provided on site and accessed from the rear. The intention of this project is for it to be a model of affordable and sustainable housing for the City of Philadelphia. The homes are designed as high performance buildings utilizing Passive House™ standards and to approach zero-energy status with the addition of rooftop solar PV. This project is the recipient of the 2014 International Passive House award presented by the Passive House Institute (PHI) in Darmstadt, Germany and a 2nd Place Award in Affordable Housing by the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS).