Location: Philadelphia, PA

Client: Onion Flats

Completion Date: 2020, In Progress

Phase II is an adaptive re-use of the former Ninth National Bank and Industrial Trust, Title & Savings buildings. These neo-classical structures built in the early 20th century have been re-envisioned as a multi-purposed, mixed-use commercial and residential venue of offices, retail, music performance / rehearsal studios, and residential apartments to accommodate the vibrant community that has developed in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Onion Flats Architecture recognized the importance of maintaining the character of these unique structures, though it was not financially feasible to restore them to their original historic condition. In an effort to save these landmarks, the structures are being stabilized and the primary architectural details restored in order to treat the buildings as artifacts within which the new program will be inserted. The juxtaposition between old and new creates the opportunity to explore the interstitial spaces to create new public, semi-private and private realms while playing off the dichotomous architectural characteristics of each programmatic element.