Green Building and Design Magazine

"Meet the Winners of the 2018 PHIUS Passive House Projects Competition", Julia Stone, October, 2018.

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Multi-Family Design and Construction Magazine

"Multi-Family and Passive Passive House", Rob Cassidy, Spring Issue, 2018

Grid Magazine

"The (New) Energy Frontier: Passive House gets active, and affordable net-zero housing is on its way." Article on Onion Flats' Capital 2 Projects and the PHFA Research Project created by Onion Flats, Sept. 28, 2017.

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PHFA Initiates project to make affordable housing Net-Zero-Capable by 2030.

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PRACTICE: The Rowhouse Reimagined and Relevant, by Joann Greco

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passive house+, Oct. 2015

International Selection: Belfield Homes, ByJeff Colley

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Dwell Magazine, May 2015

Passive Assertive, By Hannah Wallace

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Architectural Record, May 2014

The New Master Builders, by Joann Gonchar

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Green Building & Design, January 2014

Welcome to the Passive House Party, By Kathryn Freeman Rathbone

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Dwell Magazine, June 2015


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Architects Newspaper, October 2014

Editorial> Something to Believe In, By Chris Bentley

October 8th

Green Building & Design, July 2014

Inside the Green World of Onion Flats, By Russ Klettke

July 31st

Passive House Project 03, 2014

Project Report from 2014 Passive House Award Winners: Belfield Townhouses, By Passive House Institute

June 26th, May 2014

A Passivhaus Conference in Germany, By Ken Levenson

May 3rd


The New Master Builders, by Joann Gonchar

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Grid Magazine, September 2013

Passive Aggressive, By Samantha Wittchen

September 18th

Philadelphia Inquirer, June 2013

Highly Efficient 'Passive Homes' Gain Ground in US, By Joann Loviglio

June 13th|Read More

Philadelphia Green, June 2013

Revamping the Row Home, Visionary Housing Design for the 21st Century, By Samantha Wittchen

June 12th|Download PDF

Metro, May 2013

People, Not Horse, to Occupy the Stables Development in Trendy Northern Liberties, By Julia West

May 15th, April 2013

First passive House-Certified Homes Primed in Philadelphia

April 22nd

Shelter Magazine, April 2013

First Certified Passive Homes Ready for Occupancy

April 19th, April 2013

Philadelphia Marks First Passive House Certified Town Homes

April 17th, March 2013

Onion Flats and Raise of Hope Build Affordable, Energy Efficient Homes In Logan, By Kate McGovem

March 14th|Read More, March 2013

Look Up: Pennsylvania's 5 Coolest Buildings, By Elise Vider

March 7th|Read More

Make It Right, March 2013

Belfield Homes: Onion Flats, By Jordan Pollard

March 1st|Read More

Architect Magazine, February 2013

Building Blox, By William Richards

February 12th|Download PDF


Philadelphia Inquirer, October 2012

Changing Skyline: High-Quality Homes for Low-Income Philadelphians, By Inga Saffron

October 26th|Download PDF|Read More

City Paper, October 2012

Big Vision Awards: Sustainability and Design, By Theresa Everline

October 18th|Read More

Context: The Journal of AIA Philadelphia, Spring/Summer 2012

Efficiency, An Architect's New Best Friend, By Stephen P. Mullin

March 30th|Read More

Dwell Magazine, March 2012

Near West side Story, By William Lamb

March 22nd|Download PDF

Architects Newspaper, January 2012

Passive Progressive, Philly Firm Onion Flats Plans Largest Net-Zero Mixed-Use Development , By Branden Klayko

January 19th

Hidden Philadelphia, January 2012

Stable Flats Out of the Gate, By Peter Woodall

January 18th, January 2012

Onion Flats' Big Multifamily Passive Plan, By Richard Defendorf

January 18th

Philadelphia Inquirer January 2012

Changing Skyline: An energy-saving milestone planned for Philadelphia's Kelly Drive, By Inga Saffron

January 13th

The Fallser, January 2012

Onion Flats, By The Fallser

January 12th


Newsworks, December 19th, 2011

Rebuilding Rivage from the ground up, By Amy Quinn

December 19th

Montgomery Media, December 2011

Onion Flats to develop Rivage in East Falls, By Sue Ann Rybak

December 13th

Flying Kite, December 2011

Onion Flats hopes to connect the Schuylkill Trail with East Falls through mixed-use development, By Andy Sharpe

December 12th

Inhabit, December 2011

The Ridge: Net-Zero Energy Mixed-Use Passive House Project Gets Thumbs Up In Philadelphia, By Andrew Michler

December 12th

Newsworks, December 2011

Onion Flats selected as developer for East Falls, By Amy Quinn

December 8th

AMC, Hors série : Logements, November 2011

Housing, 30 Case Studies, By Christopher Hespel

November 18th|Read More

University of Syracuse News, November 2011

Event to Celebrate LEED Certification of Three "From the Ground Up" Homes

November 15th

Eco-Urban Design, October 2011

Thin Flats, By Mark Cleary

October 28th|Read More

Arketipo 49, October 2011

Social Housing Case Studies, By Amalie Vivian

October 19th

CBS, August 2011

Fishtown  Web Design Firm Moves Into New Green Office, By Kim Clovas

August 1st

Builder, July 2011

Here's the Skinny, By Jenny Sullivan

July 7th|Read More

Living Architecture Monitor, Summer 2011

Thin Flats- A Model of Sustainable Design, By Howard B. Steinberg

June 22nd|Download PDF|Read More

21st Century Sustainable Homes, 2011

Margarido House,  By Mark Cleary

June 15th|Read More

Arch Daily, April 15th, 2011

April 15th|Read More

Grid Magazine, January 2011

Rising Waters, Site Design, By Lee Stabert

January 1st|Download PDF|Read More


Metropolis, November 2010

Syracuse Rising: Urban Intervention, By Stephen Zacks

November 1st|Download PDF

Grid Magazine, August 2010

Evolution of the Modular Industry

August 1st

Metro, July 2010

LEEDing the Way in Philly, By Rachel Vigoda

July 27th

Green Building & Design, November 2010

Paying Homage, By Zipporah Porton

July 16th

Urban Land Institute, April 2010

Inspiration in Challenging Times, By Robert Kruger

April 16th

Grid Magazine, March 2010

News: Thin Flats Recognized the ULI

March 26th

Philly Style, Spring 2010

It's Easy Going Green

March 23rd

Philadelphia Inquirer, January 2010

City's Green Ground Breakers, By Inga Saffron

January 17th

The Empowered Municipality, January 2010

LEED Building Standards in the Future for Municipal Buildings

January 4th


Philadelphia Inquirer, October 16th 2009

An Area Restoration Project Wins Top Architecture Award, By Inga Saffron

October 16th

The North Star, October 2009

Finding Fertile Ground, By Thomas Nickels

October 15th

Philadelphia Inquirer, October 2009

Changing Skyline: Phila. Architects Offer Some Homegrown Ideas, By Inga Saffron

October 9th

Urban Land, August 2009

Lean and Green Making it work, By Ron Nyren

August 1st

Guang Hua a Magazine, July 2009

100% Green Residence, By Yan Tang

July 31st

Architects Newspaper, July 2009

Charged up, By Matt Chaban

July 29th

Philadelphia Inquirer July 2009

Francisville Face-Off on Urban Design, By Inga Saffron

July 24th

The North Star, July 2009

A Flat out YES! By Hayden Mitman

July 2nd

Philadelphia Inquirer, May 2009

Good Company Venture's Local Prospects, By Diane Mastrull

May 31st

Azure, May 2009

Philly's Smartest Infill Architects, By Tim Mckeough

May 22nd|Download PDF

Diablo Magazine, May 2009

Green House, By Martha Ross

May 22nd

Philadelphia Business Journal, May 2008

40 Under Forty, The region's Top Young Professionals

May 6th

Architectural Record, April 2009

SU Names Winners of "Green Home" Competition, By David Sokol

April 1st

Residential Architect, April 2009

Single-Family Production/ Attached/Merit, By Bigel F. Maynard

April 1st

Post Standard, March 2009

The Big Story, By Charles McChesney

March 24th

City Paper, March 2009

Sustainable......Philly? By Mike Newall

March 12th

BIA Voice, Spring 2009

The Green Tour

March 4th

Architects Newspaper, January 2009

Green goes the Neighborhood, By Anne Guiney

January 26th|Download PDF

Green Source Magazine, January 2009

Taking Liberties, By David Sokol

January 23rd|Download PDF

Philadelphia Style, January 2009

Sustainable Style, By Casey Feldman

January 23rd

Philadelphia Business Journal, January 2009

Green Condos Are Still Attracting Buyers at Listing Price, By Mari Saito

January 2nd


Philadelphia Inquirer November October 2008

Changing Skyline: Taking Liberties with Design, By Inga Saffron

October 24th|Download PDF

California Home+Design, September 2008

Leading the Pack, By Lydia Lee

September 17th

San Francisco Chronicle, August 2008

Green in the Hills, By Zahid Sardar

August 14th

Keystone Builder, July 2008

Green Home in the City, By M.H. Morrison

July 31st

Architects Newspaper, July 2008

Studio Visit: Onion Flats, By David Sokol

July 30th

Philadelphia Inquirer, June 2008

Property Line- Green Homes: Opportunities to Set Down Roots and Grow an Eco-Sensitive Lifestyle, By Eils Lotozo

June 1st|Download PDF

Metro, May 2008

Going Green on New Residences, By Solomon D. Leach

May 21st

Context: The Journal of AIA Philadelphia, Spring 2008

Up Close: Onion Flats, By JoAnn Greco

March 21st


City Paper, December 2007

Buy a House, Get  a Car, By Bruce Schimmel

December 20th

Fishtown Star, November 2007

Saving the World One Building at a Time, By Brain Rademaekers

November 15th

Philadelphia Magazine, Home and Garden, Spring 2007

The Next Level: How a Couple of Guys From Havertown and Shaking Up the City's Architectural Status Quo, By Caroline Tiger

March 15th


Philadelphia Magazine, December 2006

Idea: Let It Grow, By Dan Lee

December 15th|Download PDF

Philadelphia Weekly August 2006

Roof Positive: Gardens Are Topping a Number of Philly Homes, By Cassidy Hartmann

August 23rd

Philadelphia Inquirer, June 2006

A City's Creative Quotient, By Akweli Parker

June 19th

Architectural Record, February 2006

Multifamily Housing Infill Solutions, by Jane F. Kolleeny

February 15th|Download PDF


Metropolis, October 2005

Row After Row, By Daniel Brooke

October 15th|Download PDF

Philadelphia Daily News, August 2005

Model Homes, By Sono Motoyama

August 22nd

New York Times, August 2005

Philadelphia Story: The Next Borough, By Jessica Pressler

August 14th

Philadelphia Inquirer, June 2005

Redefining the Rowhouse, By Inga Saffron

June 17th|Download PDF

City Paper, June 2005

Wholly Trinity, By Trey Popp

June 2nd


Philadelphia Daily News, August 2003

Contingency Plan, By Sono Motoyama

August 29th


Philadelphia Inquirer November 2001

A Cut Above: Meat Plant to Apartments, By Inga Saffron

November 9th|Download PDF

Philadelphia Weekly August 2001

A Capital Idea, By Katie Haegele

August 30th